Tiny Living on a Boat: 3 Worries in Life

July 4, 2017
Happy Tiny Movement Tuesday and 4th of July! 
I sat here worried if I have enough drinks and food for the 5 friends coming over to celebrate the 4th and after relistening to this episode, I'm catapolted back into perspective. What would it be like to only have three worries in life, weather, water, and food? Really... I can't wrap my mind around it. That's exactly how Ryan and Nicole Levinson live on their tiny dwelling, a 28' sailboat Nioma.
I had the opportunity to interview Ryan just before their Pacific crossing and ask them about what it was like to live on a sailboat, the logistics and planning involved in prepping for a pacific crossing, fear and how to conquer it, what is was like to live in a tiny floating dwelling with muscular dystrophy, and if he were to do it all over again would he change anything. 
Spoiler alert, they made a safe crossing shortly after this interview and have been living and sailing in the French Polynesian Islands in pure bliss for months. 
The interview was conducted over a lower quality connection in a port in Mexico but it's not too bad. 

Minimizing Your “What Do I Wear” Crisis

July 3, 2017

In this episode of Earthy we explore how to use technology to stretch your current waredrob into more outfits and how to let professional desiners dress you with the clothes you already have! Marianna Milkis-Walker shares with us how she and her company has taken out the headache of what to wear and how to minimize your closet. Read our blog post about this interview here.  

Through the use of Epytom's Facebook Messenger Bot you can enter your waredrob once and have it dress you everyday thereafter if you'd like. Simply check the current weather conditions and the occasion and the bot will create an outfit for you. This saves you decision capitol for more important decisions you'll have to make throughout the day and time sorting through your closet trying to come up with an outfit. THey claim that they will save you up to 1.5 hours each week by letting them pick out your outfit. 

Since there are about 700 unique outfits that this bot can create with a core 40 pieces (including shoes and accessories) it will help you pare down your waredrobe and rid the "I have nothing to wear crisis" which will also reduce your shopping. 

Facebook Messenger Bot